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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Two Minutes of Silence in Respect

It is sad to think that the current war in Afghanistan is what it took to re-awaken the importance of Remembrance Day in Canada.

I have always felt the desire to take a moment of silence, probably because of my fascination of anything about history, and my access to several WWII vets who I ran steam engines with at the local museum, as well as a few local WWII vets I know.

I wish to list a few veterans who have died whom I had a personal connection with, even though the first one one was very brief:

I cannot remember his name (UPDATE: Cpl. Peter J. Giannopoulos - Pete or Gino to his friends) but he was a US Marine dating Melisant (Deicyn's daughter, Shannon Pearcy) who I met at Winter War several years ago in Borealis. We talked for about an hour about various things, a very nice guy. He was killed in action in Iraq less than six months later on November 11, 2004.

Harry Burt, a steam engineer who I ran steam engines with for years, a WWII veteran. He was a tank mechanic and his hair raising stories of fixing broken down tanks in the middle of no man's land would keep a person up at night. He died several years ago of cancer.

Tom Hill, a veteran of D-Day who landed on Juno beach. He was married to my Grandfathers cousin and lived locally, in Beaverlodge. He died several years ago of Heart Failure.

Vicki's uncle, Captain John W. Feyrer, US Air Force, whom I never met as he was killed in the US during a training flight in the early 1940's. His dog tags hang on my computer monitor to remind me of the sacrifice of the dire times of WWII.

The 42 Canadians killed in Afghanistan:

42 Canadians killed in Afghanistan since 2002

This day also brings to mind other currently serving their countries:

My Step-Daughter, Kristin (on the right), currently serving with the US Marines in Okinawa, Japan.

Kevin Schamun who I knew when he was young and who was born & raised in Beaverlodge, was the Canadian soldier who permanently dispatched the terrorist who attacked his fellow soldier with an axe at a "friendly" elders meeting. (You may remember the news stories).

Clinton Schoepp, who was part of "the gang" for the 12 years I went to school. He recently returned safely from Afghanistan.

A fellow local SCAer known as Faolan (Ed) whom I have lost touch with after he joined the army. I often wonder how he is doing.

My Father-In-Law, Joseph Feyrer, who served in Maui in WWII as an airplane mechanic.

The family of US Marines I got to meet while visiting my daughter-in-law, Kari, last September in Florida. There were several generations and had served in Vietnam and Iraq. A more proud, noble and humble family, I have yet to meet.

To all these people, and the many millions more who have fought for our freedom, all I can do is say:

I will observe the two minutes of silence. After all, it is a pitance of time:

Friday, August 11, 2006

1st Battalion Princess Patrica's Kicking Ass in Afganistan

Here is an eye opening six part video the bleeding heart, terrorist sympathiser CBC, will NEVER show. This was taken in early July 2006.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Master Corporal Raymond Arndt

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a photo of Master Corporal Raymond Arndt to honour his memory. I will post one here as soon as I find one.

Master Corporal Raymond Arndt
Loyal Edmonton Regiment
God Bless You, Canadian Hero

Ramp Ceremony held at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.

Ramp Ceremony held at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.

Sergeant Vaughn Ingram

Sergeant Vaughn Ingram

1st Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

Rest In Peace, Canadian Hero

Corporal Bryce Jeffrey Keller

Corporal Bryce Jeffrey Keller

1st Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

God Bless You, Canadian Hero

Private Kevin Dallaire

Private Kevin Dallaire

1st Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

Rest In Peace, Canadian Hero

Corporal Christopher Jonathan Reid

Corporal Christopher Jonathan Reid

1st Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

Canadian Hero

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Corporal Francisco Gomez; Corporal Jason Patrick Warren

Corporal Francisco Gomez,

Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry

Corporal Jason Patrick Warren,

The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada

Two Canadian Soldiers were recently killed in a suicide attack(source):

Two Canadian soldiers killed, eight wounded in Afghanistan

CEFCOM NR-06.012 - July 22, 2006

OTTAWA - Two Canadian soldiers were killed and eight wounded in a suicide vehicle attack that occurred at 5:20 p.m. local time today (8:50 a.m. EDT), five kilometres west of Kandahar City on Highway One.

Deceased are:

* Corporal Francisco Gomez of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry based in Edmonton; and
* Corporal Jason Patrick Warren of The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada based in Montreal.

Their next-of-kin have been notified and our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Corporal Gomez and Corporal Warren. The repatriation of their remains is now being planned.

All of the wounded were evacuated by helicopter to the multinational hospital at Kandahar Airfield. Five of the wounded soldiers have already been released from the hospital while the other three are in good condition with non life-threatening injuries. By all accounts, the personal protective equipment worn by these soldiers did its job yet again and saved them from more serious injuries.

The soldiers were travelling in a combat service support convoy that was returning to Kandahar Airfield after successful operations in Helmand and Kandahar provinces.

At approximately 6:30 p.m. local time (10 a.m. EDT) a second suicide bomber attempted to attack the convoy in a heavily populated area not far from the site of the initial attack as it pressed on after the first incident. While the convoy was not affected, at least three civilian bystanders were killed and many more were injured in this indiscriminate attack.(source)

Rest In Peace and God Bless you, Corporal Francisco Gomez and Corporal Jason Patrick Warren.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

"Blame the Government" while Harper Goes the Extra Mile

I am SO SICK of all these people from Lebanon trying to blame the Canadian government of their "slow response" and "not being organized" in their evacuation from Lebanon.

To the people trying to get out of Lebanon:
First of all, the MOMENT you left Canadian territory, you lost Canadian soverenty.

Second, you are now IN A WAR ZONE!!!! You are not being booked for a 10 day holiday cruise!!! The Canadian government had to secure assurance from the Israel government not to bomb the port while Canadian were being loaded on ships!!!! Be Grateful!!!

Third, the first day of bombing begins in Beirut, these asshole Canadians, who have not paid Canadian taxes, nor lived in Canada for YEARS insist that the Canadian government should have magically transported them out of the country because they hold Canadian Citizenship.

I am SOOOO sick and tired of the "help us government" welfare state the Liberals have turned us into.

I feel for the legitimate tourists stuck in Lebanon, but you cannot tell me this is not surprising. Also, read the small print of your travel documents... war happens.

I do admit the Canadian Embassy perhaps should have been a bit more prepared. Likely the Canadian Ambassador to Lebanon (and in charge of securing things like evacuation procedures) was a Liberal "cushy" patronage appointment to some flunky who stole some money for the Liberals and expected an eight year holiday in warm and sunny Lebanon. THEN reality hit!

Kudos to Steven Harper for going to Cyprus to pick up 100 evacuees and fly them back to Canada. Sure, it may be beneficial politically, but at least he is doing something. Can you see either Crietchen or Martin even considering such a thing? And how about the grilling Steve is going to get on the 11 hour flight home? This military Airbus is not exactly as luxurious, spacious nor as private as Air Force One.

Everyone, ecspecially the media, needs to take a chill pill and stop trying to find fault with the Conservative Government in this. There is a true crisis going on in the middle east and they try and us this for Canadian political leverage. I find that terrible.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Human, Honourable Muslims

I DO NOT BELIEVE IT!!! There ARE Muslim's who are human!!!

Mubin Shaikh, has restored my faith in that at least some of the One Billion followers of the false prophet, Muhammed, are not murderous, inhumane dogs.

His interview with CBC is well worth watching and you can see it here: CBC interview with Mubin Shaikh

This man brought the 17 islamic terrorists to justice and has spoken out against jihad and risks his life in doing so, even though he was offered witness protection. Apparently some Muslims CAN have honour.

Mubin Shaikh, I salute you, and I thank you. YOU are a true Canadian.

Corporal Anthony Joseph Boneca

Rest In Peace,

Corporal Anthony Joseph Boneca.

I cannot thank you enough.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy 139th Birthday Day Canada!!!!

Happy 139th Birthday Day Canada!!!!

Not filmed today, but the most fantastic, entusiastic spontanious showing of national Canadian pride I have ever seen:

I have NEVER seen a Canada Day so optomistic than I have seen today!!!

Taken almost 24 hours ago, in Auckland, New Zealand:

Reasons why Canada is Kicking Ass:
- We have a Government who is doing what they say.
- There's an 'Orton's in Afganistan.
- We have a Prime Minister who looks like he is actually enjoying his job rather than the "power".
- We have had losses with our Canadian Armed Forces but public support for the troops and troop moral has never been higher.
- Our Armed Forces are finally being looked after.
- Alberta is causing quite a stir in Washington right now.
- GST went down!!!!!
- They are sending the Illegal Immigrants home.
- Canadian Forces getting the support they need.
- Liberals are out of Power.
- Trudeau is dead.
- The Fire Arms Registry is dead.
- Alberta is getting revenge for the National Energy Program.
- Our armed forces are getting the support the need, finally!!!!
- Our proud military heritage is finally being acknowledged even though the Liberal "flower children" tried to supress it. What are they thinking? Human history consists of confilct and you must be ready for it. *Flabergasted*
- They are finally sending the Illegal Immigrants home.
- God Damned Liberals are out of power.
- The GST went down!!!!
Canadian Farmers are still suffering, however. There was a HUGE Agricultural demonstration on Parliment Hill today that the idiot MSM(Main Stream Media) almost completely ignored (Source).

Watch the "Farmer Song": preformed earlier today in Ottawa:


An after note:
This was perfomed today for Canada Day at Fort Henry, Kingston, Ontario, by the US Marine Corp. It's interesting to me as my step-daughter is a US Marine:

Happy Canada Day!